Qualcomm & Pico XR Innovation Contest

Organizer:Qualcomm & Pico

Goal:Encourage the community to develop contents for Qualcomm XR ecosystem

Registration: April 28th - June 28th

Finalist:Announce on July 5th

Award Ceremony:ChinaJoy Qualcomm Booth [ Aug. 1st - 2nd]

 Development Requirements

Unity 2017.4.x OR 2018.1.x 

Recommended Unity versions

Pico G2 4K(3DoF)

Dev Kit  available for free use

Qualcomm-based Pico Unity SDK

SDK English Document

Pico developer registration is optional


  • Except government-affiliated, Individuals or teams from all over the world can apply
  • All unpublished , published titles can be apply
  • Participants must legally own all relevant intellectual property rights of the submission titles, and respect copyrights and any applicable license agreements
  • Participants must allow Qualcomm to distribute the titles to Qualcomm XR relevant platforms [no limitation to your own distribution option, as you can also distribute your titles to anyother platforms that you want]


  • Tracks: Game and App Experience
  • Three awards-level for each track
    • Platinum / One winner for each track
    • Gold / Three winners for each track
    • Silver / Five winners for each track
  • Prizes are Qualcomm-inside consumer electronics products
 Platinum Gold Silver
Game Prize worth over 30,000 RMB

Qualcomm 845 VRDK

Prize worth over 5,000 RMB Pico G2 4K
App Experience Prize worth over 20,000 RMB

Qualcomm 845 VRDK

Prize worth over 5,000 RMB

Pico G2 4K

Other Supports

Winnes Contestants
Qualcomm Venture Captital Intro

Distribution Platform

General Promotion
Pico Review

Pico Store Banner Ad

General Promotion
XR Media Special coverage



Website Banner Ad

Chinese language localization

General Promotion

Notes: We will provide free Chinese languge localization service for None-Chinese languge titles


Milestone 1 Submission

Date:Due by June 1st.

File:Video of app running

Milestone 2 Submission

Baisc functions

Date:Due by June 15th.

File:Alpha build

Milestone 3 Submission

Full functions

Date:Due by July 1st.

File:Beta build

Milestone 4 Submission

Release on Pico Store

Date:Due by September 1st.

File:Filnal build

Selection Criteria

overall impression
comfort level
Game playfulness;
visual effects;
user experience
App Experience utility;
user engagement
visual effects;
user experience



Q:Can I regist for both Game and App Experiences track



Q:Can I use other Unity versions besides Unity 2017.4.x  and Unity 2018.1.x 

A:Yes, but we recommend Unity 2017.4.x  and Unity 2018.1.x.  Unreal is not supported yet.